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How We Do It...

By collecting physical, digital and electronic data and combining that with personal observations, we try to reasonably explain the activity that we experience during our investigation.

We use many methods to collect and record data and experiences during an investigation. If we do experience something we can't readily explain, we try to recreate that experience and record it by multiple means in order to corroborate it.

By conducting our investigations in the utmost professional manner, we minimize the possibility of "contaminating" evidence, helping us to validate any experiences.

We realize that we are working for YOU and we will partner with you in any capacity in order to serve you best.

Our methods of gathering data are rapidly growing. Details about specific pieces of equipment can be found in our equipment list. The methods we use include, but are not limited to:

Digital photography - We DO take pictures of the location to help corroborate events that we experience.

Digital videography - We set up video equipment to constantly record areas suspected of greater activity - including full night vision capabilities for recording in total darkness.

Digital IR thermometers - It is theorized that spirits need energy in order to communicate, including the energy that we ourselves emit. We use Infrared Thermometers to record fluctuations in ambient temperature.

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) detectors - Along with the theory that spirits take in energy, as an entity they also emit certain energies. We use multiple methods to detect and record levels of electromagnetism throughout our investigations.

Digital voice (EVP) recording - Whereas usually the human ear can not actually hear a spirit trying to communicate due to the frequency level, we record our entire investigation with digital recorders. The recording is then broken down and analyzed using audio editing software to try to detect communications beyond our hearing level.

Digital voice (EVP) projection - In conjunction with the recording equipment, we employ a digital voice projection system that provides a constant source of "white noise" in order to better capture if a spirit is trying to communicate. This real time projection of an EVP, allows us direct communication with a possible spirit.

Personal observations/client accounts - We record each and every form of activity that we can not reasonably explain during our investigation. Later we compare what we observed with your pre-investigation information and the data we collect to try to rationalize the experiences.

After the investigation is completed, the recorded evidence is thoroughly analyzed. We try to corroborate all our experiences using several means in order to arrive at the most logical and accurate conclusions possible.