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Common Questions...

Hopefully many of your questions have been answered throughout our website. Here are some frequently asked questions to further help you.

Q: Are you just thrill-seekers?
A: Absolutely NOT!!! We are investigators that take your situation very seriously. As opposed to thrill-seekers, WE are fact-finders. We employ several means of data collection and along with personal knowledge and experience, we thoroughly analyze what we collect in an effort to determine the most logical explanation.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: Above The Realm is ready, willing and able to offer you any help that you may need with regard to potential paranormal activity. We will research, investigate, analyze and report all of our findings to you.

Q: How much will your services cost me?
A: In short... NOTHING !!! Above The Realm does not charge, or accept donations, for ANY of the services we offer. We are here to help you in whatever capacity we can.

Q: I have previously recorded data of paranormal activity. Will you help me analyze it to determine what it means?

A: ABSOLUTELY !!! Whether or not we perform an investigation, we are always willing to help you determine the meaning of existing data and experiences. We will employ the same methods for analyzing your data as we do for data that we personally collect.

Q: Will you share the details of my investigation?

A: ONLY if you authorize us to. Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We will only share the information that you authorize us to share in the contract.... or none at all.

Q: What type of data will you use to determine my situation?

A: Along with your personal experiences, we will collect and catalog our own experiences along with data obtained from our numerous pieces of equipment including photgraphs, video, temperatures, energy fields and whatever else we need to in order to logically explain the activity.

Q: Will the data you obtain from the investigation be available to me?
A: ABSOLUTELY !!! Any and all data will be documented, recorded, cataloged on our server and saved for a minimum of 1 year. Upon analyzation we will submit a summary report of our conclusions, unless you choose to have us supply you with all the data collected via that option in the contract. If/when you do request a complete report, we will happily supply you with a copy of the original files collected along with all the paperwork associated with them.

Q: Do you believe in ghosts?
A: In short, yes.... although the existence of actual "ghosts" is highly contested, we do believe in the possibility that there are entities or spirits that live amongst us. We feel that this belief is critical in our research in that the more open-minded we are and the better we understand this theory, the more effective we can be when investigating and diagnosing your personal situation.

Q: Are "light orbs" proof of paranormal activity?
A: Light orbs do not necessarily prove activity as most of the time they can be explained by any of several sources. Although, we do take the existence of orbs into consideration if in conjunction with other simultaneous observations.