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Our Focus Is On YOU...

"My house is haunted, WHAT DO I DO ???"

First, and foremost, please DO NOT PANIC. Although Hollywood has horrified the existence of spirits and other entities, it is HIGHLY unlikely that any harm will come to you if one does exist at your residence. We certainly understand that the experiences can be un-nerving and that is why we are here to help you.

Here is a brief description of the overall process once you contact Above The Realm to perform an investigation at your property.

Pre-investigation research and documentation - With your help through the Activity Log and Questionnaire, Above The Realm will research and document any and all information available about your location. This research will include your personal experiences as well as historical data about the property. The more information we can ascertain before-hand, the better prepared we will be for the actual investigation.

Pre-investigation inspection - Prior to the actual investigation, Above The Realm will inspect the property with you. During this inspection we will make note of the layout, architecture, structural peculiarities, your experiences and specific locations of concern to you. This inspection is necessary in order for us to plan the most effective investigation strategy.

The Investigation - After the inspection, Above The Realm will plan your investigation and set up the equipment necessary. We will investigate the property according to that plan trying to find logical explanations for events that we experience and for the events that you have shared with us. We will do this by remaining objective, trying to duplicate particular experiences or readings from our equipment and trying to capture those experiences using mutiple pieces of recording equipment in order to confirm or deny the existence of the events we experience.

Post-Investigation Analysis and Reporting - Once the investigation is completed, Above The Realm will categorize and analyze all of the data collected in order to further explain the events both we and you have experienced. All recorded data will be uploaded to our server to preserve it's intergrity and analyzed by electronic means. Once we have exhausted all means available to explain the events, we will create a report explaining our findings to help you understand the activities you have witnessed.

Follow-up - As our ultimate goal is to help you, Above The Realm will contact you approximately 30 days after the investigation for a follow-up. The reason for the follow-up is discuss any possible events that have occured since the investigation to help explain them. This follow-up is part of our process and we will always be available and willing to help at any time.