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Who We Are...

We are Paranormal Investigators

We are a full team of paranormal investigators located in Connecticut. Above The Realm Paranormal is prepared to serve clients not only in CT but in surrounding states and beyond.

We are NOT thrill-seekers. We take your situation very seriously and will do whatever we can to help you diagnose and understand what your experiences mean. We may not  yet be the most experienced investigators out there, but we do possess years of experiences and research of the paranormal and related subject matter.

We are a passionate team dedicated to professionalism, personal service, research and education. We will work day and night in order to find the truth. Our team possesses a "need-to-know" mentality and we are ready to put that need to work for you.

The heart and "souls" of ATR

John Silveira - Founder/Lead Investigator:
43 year old investigator from Colchester, CT.
John founded Above The Realm after many years of personally experiencing paranormal activity. Having been personally "haunted" and followed by a poltergeist for over a decade, it was suggested that it may very well be his deceased father. John's curiosity and need-to-know-the-truth nature instilled in him the determination to research, study and start an investigative group. He is also experienced in Ouija Board séances and other forms of spirit contact. His spiritual beliefs allow John a deep understanding into the reasons for the possible existence of spirit energies. Being a former real estate agent, John is versed in the structure and systems of many types of construction, aiding in the determination of "house noises". John will work closely with the team in order to find any and all reasonable explanations for the activity experienced, past present and future.

Dan Rivera - Lead Investigator/Video Supervisor:
38 year old investigator from Seymour, CT.
Dan has been experiencing paranormal activity for the past 20 years. His personal experiences brought about a curiosity and a need to look further. The result of that need is many years of study and research into all things paranormal, making him very knowledgable in all phases of the investigative process. Dan's personal experiencs, study, research and communications will be a valuable asset to performing successful investigations. Dan also possesses extensive knowledge of houses and systems that will aid in explaining possible activity. His skepticism, analytical nature and need for proof is a great addition to the Above The Realm team. Dan will be fully involved in the analysis of the data collected at your investigation and we will review the findings together to formulate our conclusion.

Debbee Radcliff - Spirit Medium/Energy Healer:
43 year old Medium/Psychic/Clairvoyant/Healer from Providence, RI.
Debbee was aware of her spititual abilities at a very young age. She has been a teacher and childcare provider since receiving degrees in Special Education and Family Services. Also throughout the last 20 years Debbee has refined her spiritual gifts through formal training in many different modalities including Angel Light Messenger, Integrated Energy - Master Teacher, Magnified Healing - Third Phase and Shamanic Training - including Energy Medicine, to name a few. Debbee is also currently involved in starting her own business, creatIgo, to further demonstrate her holistic approach to teaching children, fully involving the entire family unit in the education process. We are very excited that Debbee has offered her vast array of spiritual help to our clients as she has proven her abilities over and over, even via remote means.

Carlos Julia - Investigator/Auditory Expert:
40 year old investigator from Wallingford, CT. Carlos has been interested in the paranormal since the age of 8 years old. Since then he has been a self-study not only in paranormal theories but quantum physics, and understands the relationship between the two. Carlos has an unquenchable thirst for defining the undefinable and making sense of the unexplainable. He is employed as a Speech and Language Pathologist, which will be essentially helpful with regard to the capturing and extracting of possible EVPs. 30 years of paranormal study has reinforced his belief that every theory or assertion must be supported by evidence. As a member of Above The Realm, Carlos is determined to do anything he can to find that evidence to help our clients get the answers that they are looking for.

John Ruggiero
- Investigator/Evidence Review:
32 year old investigator from Ansonia, CT.
John's interest in the paranormal dates back close to 15 years. That interest was heightened when his deceased mother first appeared to him. Subsequent visits instilled the determination to study and research spirit contact further. John is experienced in various forms of spirit comminication including Ouija séances. His motivation has been to try to help determine their actual existence. His numerous personal experiences also brought about a desire to help both others and possible spirits as well. John echoes the team philosophy with the determination to exhaust all resources to find the truth. His drive, motivation and all-businees mentality are a great addition to the Above The Realm team.

Katie Boyd -
Consultant - Demonology and Occult Sciences:
Katie is a Demonologist and Occult Sciences Expert with over 20 years experience and study in both fields. Katie's 30+ religious beliefs Katie allow her to bend her rituals to any religious belief system. She is an Occult/Paranormal author and lecturer residing in the state of New Hampshire and helps people all over the world with their demonic crises. Katie grew up in a highly negative haunted house, heavily influenced by the local priest Father B. Much of her occult format is from ceremonial magick dating back as far as the Assyrians. Katie also has both medical and law enforcement backgrounds. The Occult works she persued ultimately led her to Demonology, and answered the need for a Demonologist in her area. Even with the belief in inhuman entities (demons) Katie must come at it with a skeptical eye, and consults regularly with therapists and psychologists about her cases to ensure that there is not a medical diagnosis behind the phenomena. Because of Katie's dealings in the occult she has become a known figure when dealing with occult crimes. ATR is happy to be able to offer Katie's expertise. A link to Katie's website can be found on our 'Links' page.