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What We Do...

We help people through research, investigation and education

Combined with our personal knowledge, experiences, digital audio and video equipment and measuring devices, we perform complete and thorough investigations of locations of suspected paranormal activity.

We tirelessy research a multitude of paranormal subjects in order to be better educated ourselves. We specifically research locations that we investigate in order to be better aware of things to look for.  .

We do not go looking for ghosts, and we do not go into an investigation with the pre-disposition that the location is haunted. Rather, we look for reasonable explanations for the experiences and evidence that we incur, as well as those that have occured in the past.

We believe education is the best tool and we help to educate our clients by keeping them involved and informed of any and all of our findings. We are always be available to help anyone in need, and for any reason.

We do our best to find resonable explanations for experiences. And, whereas the "theory" of the existence of ghosts is a highly contested one, even when we can't explain something, we will NOT tell you that you are haunted.

We make ourselves available for any need, be it to answer a question, lend another set of ears and eyes on a piece of evidence or to help you better understand all things paranormal..

**Above The Realm does not charge a fee

for any  investigations or services performed**