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Welcome to our home... a world...
"Paranormal" - "Above The Realm" of normal occurrences
and phenomena which people are exposed to in everyday experiences.

(photo taken by team member Dan Rivera)

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Different Levels of Paranormal Activity

Common Phenomena

Moderate Phenomena

Extreme Phenomena

  • Unexplained noises footsteps, scratching, bangs, knocks etc.
  • Doors open and close not personally witnessed, but if you do see this then...
  • Electrical items turn themselves off/ on
    again, not often actually seen but...
  • Disappearing, "lost", reappearing items "borrower's phenomena"; items disappear from someplace you KNOW you left them.. then reappear exactly in that spot
  • Unusual Pet Behavior animals have sharper senses than humans...
  • Feelings of being watched
    not an uncommon feeling but combined with other activity can certainly be an important factor
  • Unexplained Shadows
    catching glimpses of shapes or shadows out of the corner of your eye for no apparent reason.
  • Mild Psychokinetic actually witnessing a door close or switch or appliance turning off or on
  • Feelings of being touched
    feeling something brush by, touch your hair or even a hand on your shoulder - or a nudge
  • Hearing voices
    hearing a voice (or music) from no apparent source... could be a whisper, cry or even your name being said
  • Cold/Hots spots
    sudden and sometimes extreme changes in temperature; a cold draft or warm breath on your neck, for instance
  • Unexplained Odors cologne/perfume, cigarette or other odors from no apparent source
  • Severe Psychokinetic witnessing moving or levitating objects
  • Apparitions
    physical manifestation of a spirit; mists, transparent forms or even solid forms that disappear
  • Physical assault
    pushes, slaps, punches; even causing bruises of other injury
  • Direct contact
    a spirit addresses you and even speaks to you personally, knowing your name
  • Negative Energy
    negativity, depression, dizziness, head-aches, extreme mood swings; even nightmares ( can also be attributed to other reasons INCLUDING carbon monoxide poisoning)
  • Other physical evidence
    writings on the wall, footprints, handprints; light orbs or apparitions showing up in photographs

If you've experienced any of the activity mentioned above, then you too may be "haunted". Note that these are just some of the more common forms of paranormal activity. If you've experienced anything that you would like to have explained then.....
We're here to help you...